The new beauty addresses to test at the start of the school year

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Le lieu : Fondé par Carla Haddou et conçu par le duo d’architectes d'intérieur du Studio Haddou-Dufourcq, Belleym est une bulle poudrée au cœur du marais.

The vision: the offer revolves around 3 axes to make care a holistic experience: "detox" through sessions of infrared sauna, "healthy" thanks to a sharp selection of food supplements and finally, "pleasure" withCoffee that offers pastries.

History: Carla Haddou, the founder, wishes to offer a new approach to beauty and bring together a range of solutions in one place to act on the quality of life and participate in a global "well-being".

The plus: the infrared sauna and the selection of pointed brands of superfood and food supplements (for some, exclusive in France).

Les nouvelles adresses beauté à tester à la rentrée

Signature care: the infrared sauna of course.Infrared waves have the particularity of penetrating in depth into the tissues which allows a purification (toxins and heavy metals) of the body much more intense than a traditional sauna.This also helps to relieve muscles and joints, promotes cell renewal and collagen production, fighting stress by lowering cortisol level and helping to boost the immune system.

Expertise: high -quality infrared sauna cabins combining in total infrared infrared radiation that penetrate in depth in carbon side tissues and emitters in order to obtain homogeneous heat and radiation in the.

Not to be missed: Mandarin-Gingember juice, perfect after an infrared sauna session for its vitamins and its detox effect on metabolism or the best-seller "Pink Glow" Latte, a pretty pink drink that combines the vitamins of theBeet in repulpant effects!

L’adresse : Belleym - 8 rue Charles-François Dupuis, 75003 Paris

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The place: in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Clēmēns is an aquatic spa installed in 18th century cellars made of vaults and arcane.There are now 5 private pools heated to 35 ° C and lit in candle.Unique and out of time.

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