Monica Bellucci lifts the veil on her unacknowledged fantasies... with a famous French actress!

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Monica Bellucci

Unmistakable sign, confession from a loved one, surprise photo, the biggest secrets of stars always end up being known. But sometimes, it is directly the main concerned who decide to lift the veil before being trapped there. This is also the case, this August 12, for Monica Bellucci who decided to be frank!

On August 18, the long-awaited film "Les Fantasmes" will be released in cinemas. A film with a tailor-made cast, carried by Monica Bellucci and Carole Bouquet, interviewed on this subject by Paris Match. And if in this feature film, the two fifties are madly in love with each other, it seems that their roles have taken over in real life. And for good reason, totally relaxed, the ex-wife of Vincent Cassel confided that she had always fantasized about her colleague, Carole Bouquet.

An unprecedented revelation, which Monica Bellucci explains without jargon and with happiness, "She talks and smiles a lot. But she always emanates from her a form of mystery that seduces me terribly. I made this film because I wanted to embrace Carol Bouquet! ". A shoot which therefore pleased the latter very much, very open on the subject, “These scenes, we knew that they would be shot with modesty. There it was just very simple and fun”.

What does Carole Bouquet think?

For her part, her partner agrees, without Deva Cassel's mother, the shooting would not have been the same, "The presence of Monica Bellucci is one of the reasons why I agreed to make this film. ". Fulfilled by this role of Marie, assumed lesbian, Carole Bouquet sincerely regrets not having lived this experience earlier "I am strictly heterosexual. But I am sad not to have also loved women, I find it a shame…".

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