4 natural tips for the care of your bags and shoes

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Continuation and end of our article on natural tips to take care of its leather accessories.After beeswax and linseed oil, what other natural products to take care of your leather bags and favorite shoes!

Castor oil protects varnished leather and skin

Do you have shoes or a varnished leather bag?Protect them by coating them with a little castor oil that you will find in pharmacies.

Likewise for bags and shoes in skin, rub them with a soft fabric soaked in a little castor oil (it also works with a white beaten egg).

Ricin oil is a vegetable oil that keeps the natural properties of leather, in particular, by strengthening it and making it more brilliant.Natural oils and fats

There are traditional fats and oils that are both nutritious, softening and waterproofing for leathers.

4 astuces naturelles pour le soin de vos sacs et chaussures

For current leather maintenance, vegetable oils are all indicated © Arijit Mondal

Natural oils and fats

The lard, for example, used as wax, makes it possible to naturally soften the leather.Be careful not to use it too often (your cat or your dog may well want to bite into your shoes).

While sweet almond oil and jojoba oil are excellent for feeding leather and skins, carnauba wax, which is found in DIY store, deposits a protective film on smooth leathers and theirgives shine.

In addition: the interior of a banana skin allows you to make your leather shoes shine.So you know what you have to do after consuming a banana!

Maintenance of suede bags and shoes

In addition, note that the land of Sommières is a real ally for the suede!In the event of a stain, cover the suede suede from Sommières then leave it a whole night.The next day, remove the soil from Sommières using a brush.The tour is played, and your suede is intact!

Organic castor oil

The castor comes from tropical Africa, it has developed in many areas in the world, particularly in the tropics but not only.Also called "beaver oil", carapate oil or palma Christi (palm of Christ), castor oil is naturally very viscous.

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