The 25 hidden treasures of the ideal disco of Inrocks

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From South Korean folk, a certain idea of the oud, a cry of pop anger, the extremely-oriental ambient and many other albums that deserve to be rediscovered.Follow the advice of our diggers.

1 Catherine Howe What a Beautiful Place (1971)

The British Catherine Howe was 20 when she recorded the unknown Whatiful Place, but her voice has the mysterious splendor of timelessness.Worn by a piano orchestra, brass, strings, flutes and oboe, she sails on an icy lake when dawn embraces a pinkish in love with a veiled fogy sky.Between two tenderness nestles a little poetry in Spoken Word.

At orchestration: an American producer, Bobby Scott, who hired the London Symphony Orchestra to co -signing this jewel of magical folk, which immediately disappeared ... before being reissued by the Numero Group label in 2007. We think of Joni Mitchell,Dusty Springfield, but also, more recently, or at the phantasmagorical folk of Weyes Blood.CB

2 Chandra Transportation (1980)

Chandra Oppenheim was only 12 years old when the EP Transportation, Condensed from Postpunk/New Wave, was released by her vindictive voice.It must be said that Chandra Oppenheim is the daughter of the conceptual artist, a pioneer of the Land Art Dennis Oppenheim and that she frequented Steve Reich's lives when others did their homework.Regardless of this stupid fair aspect, the EP is denied, really.Especially the Single Stident Kate, a cry of anger of Chandra against the famous Kate, towards whom all the eyes are turned.CB

3 Kim Jung Mi Now (1973)

In 1973, the South Korean producer Shin Jong Hyun recorded Now with the young Kim Jung Mi, a psychedelic folk album transcended by the intense ballad Your Dream.The album is at the height of his cover: a counter-clout on Kim Jung Mi, his eyes lost in the distance, cut on a sky so blue that it can only be seen through the distortion under LSD, atMiddle of sweet flowers caressing this dreamer table that makes you want to kiss rolled in the grass.CB

4 Mohammed Abdel Wahab Daret El Ayam (1976)

Immense modernist composer, author of large sound frescoes for Oum Kalthoum, and himself a singer, this fairly incomparable Egyptian has released a host of records, among which those where he is accompanied alone in the Oud are among the most sensitive and delicate thingsnever recorded.Without sinking into Orientalism, a form of Arab blues, almost funeral.He was also extremely elegant, which does not spoil anything.Jg

5 Hiroshi Yoshimura Air (Air in Resort)

Known for its music for 9 postcards, reissued a handful of years ago with a lightning success, this Japanese composer released several atmospheric discs, of which this one, made for the Shiseido brand.Air, it's like a perfume that we do not catch, a series of songs so delicate that the very fact of moving by listening to them can crush them, make them evaporate.Not yet reissued, this ambient masterpiece deserves a more worthy pressing than the video cemeteries of YouTube where he is now confined.Jg

6 Leslie Winer Witch (1993)

Leslie Winer's Spoken Word's voice whips you like no one in the corner of a smoked cellar.Wild and sensual, the pioneer Witch is a top of Trip Hop which came out under the name © but was immediately overshadowed by Massive Attack and Portishead.Born in Boston, Leslie Winer met William S. Burroughs at the age of 17 in New York.And with him, Marguerite Duras, Denton Welch, but also heroin.

Leslie Winer became what we can call an it girl, night bird at Roxy, girlfriend of Jean-Michel Basquiat, stamped "first androgynous model" by Gaultier, and shot by Irving Penn like Helmut Newton.But it was in London what Witch recorded in the early 1990s, accompanied by Carl Bonnie from the Renegade Soundwave group, Bassist Jah Wobble from Public Image Ltd., Kevin Mooney and Matthew Ashman by Adam and the Ants.

His texts are collages of quotes gleaned here and there, according to his many readings as well as his own words.It is mysterious, misty, insolent, obscure and supported by bass dub to break your coccyx.Now installed in the French campaign, Leslie Winer continues to get out of the albums.The fabulous Light in the Attic label published an anthology of his work last September under the title when i hit you - you’ll feel it in which you absolutely have to immerse yourself.CB

7 Ambienti Coassiali Room 1-6 (1988)

Les 25 trésors cachés de la discothèque idéale des Inrocks

The 1980s and 1990s produced their share of industrial music or ambient outings in cassette, which were sold via lists of correspondence to extension.Among this overproduction, some beautiful remains, including this Italian album, very minimalist and electronic, which installs sound like a tight architecture: it changes the air around you.And your senses too.Jg

8 Takatoshi Naitoh (内藤 孝敏 孝敏) in the Forest (1993) very beautiful Field Recording album that we cannot advise you too much, as a great proposal to get better.Released in 1993 on the Japanese label Eastworld, this EP invites us into a forest, where a stream flows and where birds are chirping between two sparkling orchestrations.It’s so beautiful, so soothing, so sweet that we could cry from the joy that this disc exists.And if the Internet delivers little info on its author, remains his music ... CB

9 weekend The 81 Demos (1995)

These fragile songs were published in vinyl a handful of years ago by the late Blackest Ever Black label.In 1981, Weekend was a sequel to Young Marble Giants, and these demos are a fairly exceptional moment of passage, in which their minimalist pop, barely frosted, took the delicacy of long moments, ethereal passages, in the way ofWhole afternoon spent making naps filled with dreams-and porous love stories.

It is with obvious and clear evidence throughout the 9 minutes, carried out at the rhythm box of the song Red Planes, whose scrolls build deleterious hypnosis, a progressive capsize of the senses and a dive into the musicality of aera - that, ephemeral, of a postpunk not yet distorted, not yet ankylosed and capable of all explorations, of all intimate mistakes.Jg

10 Twenty Six This Skin Is Rust (1996)

Did you know ?Before Chromatics and his thousands of other projects, Johnny Jewel had started with this group, and his only album: a solo disc, under isolationist and postrock building (the fashion of the time), which buzzes, burns, stretchesTime and settles in a beautiful gray angle, like his pocket, almost silent.Jg

11 Chappaquiddick Skyline Chappaquiddick Skyline (2000)

Among the many incarnations of the American Sonwgriter Joe Pernice (Pernice Brothers, Scud Mountain Boys, The New Mendicants…), Chappaquidick Skyline is the most unclean.The only discographic reference of the group published in Sub Pop in the first days of 2000, this eponymous album contains a dozen Magots of Obedience Country Pop and an unforeseen recovery of the classic Leave Me Alone de New Order.Typically the kind of disc with which we feel less alone.FV

12 Altra in the afternoon (2002)

Undoubtedly one of the most mesestic training in post-rock.And yet, at the dawn of the 2000s, this second album of the Altra published at Aesthetics (Beau Defruit label of Chicago, specialist of the genre) married Codeine, Low and Slint in a bath of youth, with the intertwined voices of LindsayAnderson and Joseph Costa.A disc of twilight and timeless beauty for cottony afternoons.FV

13 The curved volume I KILLED MY BEST FRIEND (2005)

Vendée exiled in London for ages and hidden under this beautiful geometric name, Charlotte Marioneau surrounds herself, in the mid-2000s, some Anglo-Saxon sizes (her ex-companion Kevin Shields, Hope Sandoval, Andrew Innes and Martin Duffy dePrimal Scream) on a mysterious first album, between acoustic pop Songs, oblique melops, resumption of Nina Simone and Sample de Moondog.An atypical disk strangely addictive.FV

14 i love you goal i’ve chosen darkness fear is on our side (2006)

Perhaps the group name that best sums up a hidden treasure.In 2006, this Austin group released a first album produced by Paul Barker from Minister.Inevitably dark, the disc makes the ideal junction between the lyric new wave, the atmospheric rock and the climate postpop.Much as if New Order, Killing Joke and Interpol had given birth to a strange offspring (Ilybicd for friends).The darkness has rarely been so bright.FV

15 Cloetta Paris Secret Eyes (2008) Duo Italo Disco from Sweden in the manner of the compatriots of Sally Shapiro, Cloetta Paris released this first album in 2008 under the cover of a Vichy pink cover, reminding us as much Valerie Dore as the Pet ShopBoys.In ten sweet titles as desired as strawberry lollipops, the singer Cloetta Paris and the producer Clive Reynolds went straight to the tube, even taking up the SEIOUS Saw of Electric Light Orchestra.As kitsch as attachment, a real guilty pleasure.FV

16 Bed The Newton Plum (2001)

In 2001, we discovered Amahi a French heir to Mark Hollis and Robert Wyatt with a first breathtaking and outdoor album published by the aptly named Nancy label here, moreover, moreover unknown and interviewed at the time of the release of The NewtonPlum, Benoît Burello, Bed's brain, told us his tactile approach to sound material: "Make the felt of the tampons on the ropes of the piano, the rope of the double bass against the handle, the curly of the guitar rope".

On the verge of abandoning music before finding refuge on the same record company as Yann Tiersen, Bed therefore publishes this sublime and contemplative disc which, twenty years later, always produces the same wonder.A treasure all the more hidden by music lovers than The Newton Plum has never been reissued since or even published in vinyl.FV

17 Dead Man’s Bones Dead Man’s Bones (2009)

A single album born from the association between the Canadian actor Ryan Gosling and the American producer Zach Fields - whose song Pa Power is today beautifully taken up by Cat Power -, but what a cult album!A sort of UFO that revives the ghosts of the Beach Boys, the cousins of the Flaming Lips and Arcade Fire in a staging that David Lynch nor Tim Burton would deny, all interpreted with the Silverlake Conservatory of Music Children’s Choir.Fascinating from start to finish.FV

18 Tropic of Cancer Restless Idylls (2013)

A handful of Maxis and this alone album: Camella Lobo, alias Tropic of Cancer, held from L.A. a dark music that looked, in the years 2010 on the side of England in the 1980s: here, the specters are called The Cure, CocteauTwins, Slowdive.But they are also very Californian: in this neogothic music also reflect the atmospheres of the Hollywood black films of the 1940s, the films of monsters of the Universal studios.

Since the publication of this album, Camella and his acolyte Taylor Burch (herself in the post-Techno Dva Damascus group), have made a handful of concerts, leaving a quarry that could have been immense.Consolation lot: The program that Camela produces for online radio NTS whose title is a program in itself, Cry Later.Yes, we will cry later.Jg

19 Liquid Wisdom (2014) seven years ago, the editorial staff of the Inrocks excited about the delirium of Rap Théiné from Californian Discussion, 19, son of E-40 and masked as MF Doom (a way of reporting the dimensioncryptic of his tracks).Seven years later, Issue has not broken but we listen to him with the same fascination.Cotton soaked in boiling water, a nonchalant flow supported by dark and elegant prods, a passion for tea, a fascination for Japan.The future was there, however, between his fingers.CB

20 Uranium Club All of TheM Naturals (2017)

Minnesota is not only the motherland of Prince and Bob Dylan is also that of Uranium Club, New Wave formation that one would think of an episode of The Office (US version), well decided atWalk on Devo's flower beds.Like the formation of Akron, Ohio, the Kids of Minneapolis flourish under the gray sky of postindustrialisation, using wobbly rhythms, trinket sizes and worn and sharp guitars, like a critical bastringue of the consumer societyWith a second disarming degree.Fm

21 Cheena spend the night with… (2016)

"Our songs talk about doing stupid stuff in New York," said this Glam-Punk broken arm of broken arms which, in the Mitan of the 2010s, had stood up to revive the Dolls and the Stooges.Broken arms?Not really.Cheena, a group of a single album, is a conglomerate of musicians from Hardcore training from Brooklyn, Far Rockaway and the surrounding room, among which we find Margaret Chardiet, of the Noise Pharmakon project.With eleven dilapidated titles in 30 minutes chrono, spend the night with ... is the very definition of the rock’n’roll emergency.Fm

22 PCPC Ramsgate (2016)

In the Brooklyn bubbling from the late 2000s, a good package of groups oscillating between Chill Wave and Postpunk rub shoulders in clubs, without any other ambition than that of playing as much as possible.It was in this context that short parquets met PC Worship, a formation of forms of musical and unstructured musical expression.Gathered for a single disc under the PCPC nickname, the two stables will push this formula even further, reviving the influences of Slint and Sonic Youth (among others), in a free and surprising metallic maelström.Fm

23 M.B. Jones R.O.K.Spy (2018)

While puffy billionaires are trying to make galipets at the edge of space, the fantasies of the interstellar travel, carried since childhood, seem more devitalized than ever, as an expurgés of their utopian charge.The same goes for the romantic imagination of the life of spy-conionbandier since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end, trompe l'oeil, of the threat of nuclear fire.

Because popular culture today struggles to produce this kind of intimate accounts, registering in hollow in the global destiny of a drifting humanity, the album of the mysterious M.B. Jones, released in 2018 at Drama (structure adHoc emanate from the Parisian Antinote label), is an anomaly.Presented as a sound document left by an American spy based in Busan in 2017, in South Korea, R.O.K.Spy is a treasure hunting treasure horny in 7 titles.

Disco emained (the song Nuclear War necessarily recalls the retrofuturism of Sun Ra), traditional local instruments, female voice as outings of a transistor, experimental electronics and arthur Russel -style echoes (Even Spies Fall in Love), everything here conspires to accountSentimental and cottony wanderings of an agent held by the largest of secrets with, in the background, the imminence of the flames of the apocalypse.Fm

24 Antoine Kogut Sphere of Existence (2018)

If, instead of getting worse in the New York Peligroso of the 1980s, Serge Gainsbourg was in love with Japanese sea travel, contemplating from the bridge of a boat the distant coast and the curves of the earth, he would haveProbably made a record appear in this ilk.

Antoine Kogut, Parisian musician who passed through the stable Bon Voyage Organization and pilot of the duo Syracuse, released in 2018 this album of seven songs measuring the long time, where synths, brass, gong and economy of words mix, all packaged in aPocket illustrated by UGO Bienvenue.A total object of fascination.Fm

25 Jazz chocolate engaged (2019)

What if chocolate, training made in Quebec with variable geometry, had released the best album in the 2010s?So that there is no error of interpretation, engaged jazz is not a jazz disc, or rather if, but then in its ethics of freedom, intensity and its desire to explode all theCanonical forms underlined by the practice of music (here, rather rock).As such, the fifth long format of this North American equivalent of a King Gizzard could also have been called Prog in committed, or even Kraut engaged.A definition of damn generosity.Fm

Text Carole Boinet, Joseph Ghosn, François Moreau and Franck Vergeade

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