The "Brow Lift", the trendy method to restructure its eyebrows

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Des sourcils plus épais, mieux dessinés et plus volumineux : ce sont les promesses du "Brow Lift", nouvelle technique en vogue pour discipliner ses sourcils. Infos, déroulement de la séance, durée des résultats, tarifs... Une experte nous dit tout ce qu'il faut savoir avant de se lancer.Le Le

No more geometric eyebrows and perfectly drawn at Kim Kardashian!The trend is thick and bulky eyebrows like those of Cara Delevingne.The proof, the "Brow Lift" is the new fashionable technique to highlight its natural eyebrows and restructure them for several weeks.

What is the "Brow Lift"?

Beware of his name that is confusing!The "brow lift" is not a "facelift" which smooths wrinkles in the literal sense of the term.The method consists in thickening and raising the eyebrows, while fixing their movement.Unlike the "Brow Lamination" technique ("eyebrow rolling") from Russia, the "Brow lift" is a softer version which can be made from the skin, without having to apply a protective film inplastic around the eye.The hairs are redensified and straightened.They seem more supplied and larger."Brow lift is like eyelash enhancement.We work the hair so that they become easier to style and so that we can give them the shape you want "explains Mari Lakspere, founder of the Mary's eyelashes.If necessary, a dye completes the process to better draw the shape of the eyebrow and intensify its color.

What type of eyebrow is the Brow Lift?

Since eyebrows are one of the main beauty concerns of French women*, they no longer hesitate to cross the doors of specialized institutions to obtain beautiful eyebrows: "Soucks are a strong demand in France, but many women haveFear of embarking on chemical or permanent techniques such as tattooing, micro-blading or dermo-pigmentation ", confirms Mari Lakspere," Brow lift is a good alternative method to have natural results, but which last in time"".


Good news: all women, brunettes, blond or red, can try the brow lift...And even men who struggle with their eyebrows."This is ideal for clients who have eyebrows that fall down, or for mature skins that have the eyelids that relax.The Brow Lift opens the eye and gives it freshness.It is also interesting for difficult to brush or too steep eyebrows "advises the expert, before warning:" You must already have a good eyebrow base.It is not for people who have too sparse eyebrows and who want to fill the holes.In this case, it is rather necessary to orient yourself towards a skin tattooing technique ".

How is a "Brow Lift" session?

After a quick diagnosis of eyebrows to determine the look suitable for the shape of her face, the client lengthens and keeps her eyes closed throughout the time.It takes between 45 minutes to a total hour.

Our opinion on the BROW LIFT

Painless and without side effects, the service poses no problem for lenses or pregnant women (even if medical advice is still recommended).The chemical smell of the lotion of the first step may surprise, but is not embarrassing.During the second step, we can already see that the eyebrows are much thicker and bulky.We observe as a "brushy" effect: hard to believe that our own eyelashes are also provided!At the end of the service, the upward curvature is well fixed.To keep the effects as much as possible, you have to style the eyebrows up every day with a small brush.Those looking for an even more intense result can add a little pencil or eyebrow gel.The result lasts up to 3 weeks or even a month (the time that the new unrealized hairs grow back), even if the dye wear out more quickly.Conclusion: it is a nice boost for those who already have a good eyebrow base and who wish to discipline them to save time by preparing in the morning.Redensified and enhanced, natural eyelashes are highlighted and reveal their full potential.

In terms of prices, you have to pay between 90 € and 150 € per session to obtain a quality result.

Where to do a Brow Lift session?

*Classification of the most posed beauty issues on Google in 2018

Le "Brow Lift", la méthode tendance pour restructurer ses sourcils

Summary What is the Brow Lift? The Brow Lift, is what type of eyebrows? How does the session go? Our opinion on the Brow Liftoù doing a Brow Lift session?No more geometric eyebrows and...

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