"LIP Wings": this controversial beauty trend in the 2000s returned this spring 2021

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Definitely, the 2000s are on the rise!The iconic looks of our adolescence have made their comeback on the front of the stage for a few seasons and are constantly inspiring the new fashion and beauty trends.Latest to date fad that panics the beauty?The "lip wings" effect mouth which revisits the famous outline of the lips traced in pencil.

XXL lips, great beauty trend of the 2020s

Whether you like them or hate them, ultra luscious lips are one of the biggest beauty trends of this last decade.Largely made popular thanks to Kylie Jenner (who triggered an international debate on the issue of injections in the lips), the fashion of the voluminous and well -drawn lips continues to be declined in all the variants, paid sometimes with a matte finish,Sometimes an ultra glossy finish.Without necessarily using aesthetic medicine, this "luscious mouth" effect can just as easily be created by exaggerating the natural form of the lips using a simple lip pencil.

Recently, a new unusual style fascinates makeup fans on the web.The idea?Accentuate the commissures of the up lips to create "wings" on the sides, like a sort of line of eyeliner for the mouth.

How to make the mouth effect "lip wings"?

« Lip Wings » : Cette tendance beauté controversée dans les années 2000 fait son retour ce printemps 2021

In his beauty tutorial that has become viral on Tiktok, a young woman by the name of Wah Meko begins by using a brown lip pencil to draw two lines that exaggerate his cupid arc.On her upper lip, she extends the ends of her mouth by drawing two "wings" that go upwards.She finishes the look by tracing the outline of her lower lip with a lighter shade, without blurring, then she fills the interior with her mouth with a glossy gloss.

Another user of the name of Hayley Bui used a lip brush with smoked black eyeshadows to give a more gothic effect.

Internet users seem to be shared in the comments, some qualifying this look of "work of art", while others compare it to those of animation characters or the famous "Bratz" ... creepy or avant-garde dolls?

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