"Lanoichemakeup": Déo Gracias combines his passion for beauty

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"I didn't necessarily choose this job, it suddenly came to me when I found myself in Ghana for training in English and I really needed to do something during my rest hours.The idea at the start was to learn the makeup for myself, because I remembered all the hassles in the Congo when it was necessary to spend hours waiting for your turn in a beauty salon, ”suggested the young Congolese makeup artistin an interview that she granted us.

Trained in corporate communication at Marien-Ngouabi University and arrived in this profession out of necessity to find something to distract at the start, the young Congolese makeup artist was supervised in her early days by Nancy Blaq, one of the famous African makeup artistsof Nigerian origin known for its creations.With her noble career, with unique experiences and a young profile that inspires several women, Déo Gracias Mouyeni asserts himself and displays admirable leadership in this area.Through coaching sessions, seminars, interventions during conferences and beauty fairs.

Les cultures africaines au 1er plan

« LanoicheMakeup » : Déo Gracias conjugue sa passion pour la beauté

Déo Gracias Mouyeni launched the challenge of revolutionizing the world of aesthetics through the continent, while highlighting African cultures. Starting from the idea that each culture has a strength from which it can draw its inspiration. With its label "Lanoichemakeup", its creations and its services are requested by the fans of the Beautiful. Passionate about personal development, Ms. Lanoiche, as she calls herself, becomes known microphone in hand, travels certain African countries to offer training and makeup and aesthetic courses to young African women in search of a benchmark and inspiration. "First of all, it is necessary to make yourself known. Social networks allowed me to impose myself in this universe and today I was able to create a world with which I share my creations on makeup, promote my performances wherever I go, "said Déo Gracias. And to add: "My project is to open an institute in the Congo who will be able to receive students from all walks of life; An institute which will be mainly focused on high -level make -up trades, photography, with a specialized program and personalized follow -up, in order to allow learners to better position themselves on the labor market in Congo as much as elsewhere for major events ” .

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